CNPC’s first hydrogen station fuels 2022 Winter Olympics

CNPC's hydrogen station in the Taizicheng Service Area recently became officially operational. Located in Chongli, it is CNPC's first hydrogen station, and also the first hydrogen station for the 2022 Winter Olympics. It is dedicated to securing hydrogen supply for vehicles in the core area of the Zhangjiakou Cluster of the 2022 Winter Olympics. Consisting of a hydrogenation area, a hydrogen storage area and a process device area, it operates at an average daily capacity of 1,000kg. It is expected to provide hydrogenation services for thousands of Olympics vehicles during the 2022 Winter Olympics. As of February 19, the hydrogen station had refueled a total of 4,958.94 kg of hydrogen for 470 vehicles.

In the future, CNPC will add 50 hydrogen stations across China.