Zhang Jianhua attends OGCI2018 annual meeting


The 2018 Oil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI) annual meeting was held in the United State from September 22nd to 26th, CNPC President Zhang Jianhua attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Mr.Zhang declared the transparency and reliability of CNPC's public disclosure of its carbon emission status. He emphasized that as China's largest energy company, CNPC attaches great importance to greenhouse gas emissions and has established a reportable, traceable and verifiable statistical system based on China's accounting standards and OGCI's accounting routine. An independent third-party certifier is introduced to verify the authenticity of the information released. Mr.Zhang also stated that CNPC recognizes the import role of CCUS in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and he proposed to establish a development mechanism for CCUS industry, policy and multilateral cooperation institutions under the auspices of the United Nations.

During the meeting, Mr.Zhang compared notes with representatives of OGCI members including BP, Shell, Total and Saudi Aramco on issues such as climate change, energy transition, methane reduction, and CCUS. He witnessed the signing of the Framework Agreement on China's Climate Investment Fund. The China's Climate Investment Fund is committed to promoting the research, demonstration and promotion of low-carbon technologies and business models, connecting capital markets and China's carbon market, and exploring opportunities of low-carbon transition for the oil industry.