Changqing Oilfield reached new high in oil and gas production

By the end of 2014, Changqing Oilfield produced 25.04 million tons of crude and 38.15 billion cubic meters of natural gas, totaling 55.45 million tons of oil equivalent, a net increase of 3.5 million tons of oil equivalent over the last year.

Changqing Oilfield is located in the Ordos Basin, characterized by complex geological structures, highly dispersed and tight reservoirs, and great challenges in development. The oilfield holds multiple types of reservoirs, mainly structural, lithologic and tight sandstone reservoirs.

Most of the reserves are contained in low permeability, ultra-low-permeability, and super-low-permeability reservoirs. Aiming at increasing output per individual well, 19 unique technologies in 6 series have been developed, namely quick reservoir evaluation, optimization of effective displacement systems, staged fracturing stimulation of horizontal wells, surface process optimization and streamlining, low-cost drilling and production package, and horizontal well development. These have enabled Changqing to effectively tap its ultra-low-permeability reservoirs.