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CNPC in Sudan

CNPC has been present in Sudan since 1996 and
now has oil and gas assets and equity in the country, while also providing oilfield services.

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 CNPC's oil and gas businesses in Sudan mainly include four upstream projects of Block 1/2/4, Block 3/7, Block 6 and Block 15, three downstream projects of Khartoum Refinery, Khartoum Petrochemical Co.,Ltd. and petrochemical trading, as well as crude pipelines in Block 1/2/4, Block 3/7 and Block 6.

Block 1/2/4

CNPC won the tender for Block 1/2/4 in March 1997 and jointly established GNPOC together with Petronas, SPC and Sudapet in June the same year. At present, CNPC has a 40% holding, and the shares of other three partners-Petronas, ONGC and Sudapet are 30%, 25% and 5% respectively.

Block 1/2/4 is located in Muglad Basin, adjacent to Block 6 in the northeast, covering an area of 48,388 square kilometers. A 10 Mt/a crude oil production capacity was built in 1999, thanks to comprehensive geological research and progressive exploration. In 2006, well Hamam South-1, allocated in Diffra area in Block 4, obtained a high-yield oil flow during formation testing.

In 2008, Block 1/2/4 maintained a steady oil production. Oil and gas show was observed in the first exploration well deployed to the south of Bahr al-Arab River in Block 4.

In 2009, testing of well C-1 at Azraq tectonic zone in Block 1/2/4 of Sudan obtained high output, which further confirmed the resource potential of AG formation in Azraq region.

In 2010, we made progress in progressive exploration in Block 1/2/4.

Block 3/7

Block 3/7 is situated in Melut Basin in the east of Sudan, covering an area of 72,400 square kilometers. CNPC won the tender for Block 3/7 in November 2000 and currently holds a 41% stake. The shares of four other partners-Petronas, Sudapet, Sinopec and ENOC are 40%, 8%, 6% and 5% respectively.

Palogue oilfield was found in Block 3/7 in 2003, whose oil-bearing fault block maximum area exceeded 60 square kilometers. The maximum and average reservoir thickness reached 147.5 and 60 meters respectively. Oil in place in major reservoirs is proved to be more than 300 million tons. 

The offshore terminal of the crude pipeline from the oilfield was completed and put into operation on June 9, 2007.

In 2008, by drilling new wells and horizontal wells and taking stimulation measures, the field's daily output was increased.

In 2010, we made progress in progressive exploration in Block 3/7 and the Phase-2 of Block 3/7 was put into operation.

Block 6

Block 6 is located in the northwest of Muglad Basin. CNPC acquired the development rights of the block in September 1995, and now owns 95% equity of the block and is also the operator, while Sudapet holding the remaining 5%.

Fula Oilfield was found in this block in 2001 and was put into production in March 2004.

In 2008, on top of finding additional reserves in the west Fula steep slope belt of Block 6, new reservoirs were discovered in AG Formation at the east gentle slope belt. This opened a new series of strata for further exploration, demonstrating oil potential in multiple strata of the block.

In 2010, the capacity building Phase-3 of Block 6 were put into operation.

Block 15

On August 30, 2005, CNPC, Petronas, Nigerian Express, Sudapet and the Hi-tech Group signed a production sharing contract with the Sudanese Government to explore and develop oil and gas in Sudan's Block 15. Located in northeastern Sudan, Block 15 covers an area of 24,377 square kilometers, most of which is located in the Red Sea.

Currently, CNPC has a 35% stake. The shares of other partners-Petronas, Sudapet, Nigerian Express and HiTech are 35%, 15%, 10% and 5% respectively.

In 2010, we completed drilling of two offshore exploration wells in Block 15, providing us with experience in offshore risk exploration.

Khartoum Refinery

Situated 70 kilometers north of Khartoum, the Khartoum Refinery is the first modern refinery with the world's first delayed coking unit for high-acid and high-calcium crude oil.

Khartoum Refinery was jointly invested in and constructed by CNPC and the Sudanese Ministry of Energy and Mining. CNPC has a 50% holding. The refinery became operational on May 16, 2000 and currently has an annual processing capacity of 5 million tons.

In 2009, the environmental protection project for phase-Ⅱexpansion of Khartoum Refinery started construction of a wastewater stripper, which is capable of treating 1 million metric tons of wastewater every year, and will effectively reduce air pollution and improve air quality in the surrounding regions.

In 2010, the acidulous water stripping work for environmental protection of Phase-2 expansion of Khartoum Refinery was successfully started and achieved remarkable results in comprehensive wastewater treatment.

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